Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who do we root for?

Football season is here! In addition to the season opener against Akron, there are some games of interest this week:

Illinois- Missouri. I've never been a conference guy, but let's face it. The Big Ten conference does not have an outstanding rep right now. A win here could go a long way to changing that and certainly will help our strength of schedule. The Illini were a 3 point favorite the last I checked.

Navy @ Ohio State--it will be interesting to see how the Buckeye defense handles the triple option threat of the midshipmen. Again, it really helps us not a bit for the Buckeyes to lose.

Minnesota @ Syracuse--I don't think the Gophers will have much trouble, and it will give us some indication of what to expect next week.

Western Michigan @ THEM--Will the players be too tired from working out? It will be very interesting to see how Forcier runs the RichRod offense, and how much of a distraction has this preseason been?

Toledo @ Purdue--we don't play Purdue this season, so this a non-factor for our schedule strength. It will just be interesting to see whether Toledo can pull another Big Ten upset.

Florida State @ Miami--GO HURRICANES. Appeal or not--I want Joe to build that lead!

Nevada @ Notre Dame: What can you say? GO WOLF PACK!

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