Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Poll Week Two

2Southern Cal 2
3Florida 1
4Texas 1
6Penn State
8Brigham Young 1
9Boise State 1
10California 5
11LSU 1
12Ohio State 1
14Georgia Tech
15Nebraska 1
16Iowa 1
17Virginia Tech 1
18TCU 1
19Oklahoma State 7
21Oregon State
22Miami (Florida) 1
23Missouri 1
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Michigan State (#22), Notre Dame (#25).


Clark said...

How exactly is Utah #1? Or is this ballot just listing the 25 longest win streaks in the nation. Utah compares easily with USC right now. Utah 24-14 over SJSU (Tied at 7 to start the 4th quarter). USC won 56-3. In their other games, Utah beat Utah State (which might compete for 4th or 5th place in the WAC this year!) 35-17 at home, while USC won @ Ohio State. In what world does the Utah team from THIS YEAR look better than a single one of the other teams listed in the top 10? (Let alone all of them.)

psudoc90 said...

As I explained previously, Utah was my #1 team at the end of last season. They were undefeated and Florida was not. The Utes beat Bama more handily than the gators. I think they deserved to be #1 BCS be damned.

Traditionally, I keep the #1 team at the end of the season as my #1 team for the preseason. In other words, you're top of the heap until you lose. Utah has not lost . . . yet. If they stumble at Oregon, you WILL see a new #1 team next week on my ballot. Until they lose . . . they're still #1.