Friday, September 4, 2009

Opening Day Wrap Up

Thursday night football was back last night--and Pitt didn't play!

Well, the Steelers played, and thankfully so, as it gave viewers of the South Carolina-NC State snoozefest (or the Indiana-Eastern Kentucky game on the Big Ten Network) a chance to actually watch some football.

The gamecocks eked out a 7-3 victory that despite the score was far from a defensive struggle. It was an epic offensive struggle as both teams tried to be more inept than the other.

Indiana beat Eastern Kentucky 19-13. WoooHooo Big Ten!

Temple tripped out of the gate, dropping a game to Nova 27-24. (Thank God we don't play Nova!)

Eastern Illinois pounded Illinois State 31-6 in their opener. Like to see that . . . helps our strength of schedule, especially since Temple let us down.

Utah beat Utah State 35-17, and in the marquee match-up of the night, #16 Boise State beat #14 Oregon 19-8 on a blue field that hurts the eyes. How about that Blount from Oregon? Is he going to be some boxer or what?

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