Friday, September 25, 2009

Threat Level

Earlier this week, my wife made some comment about not allowing my daughter to attend the game with me this week. So, being an astute and loving husband, I demanded to know why. She told me that she "heard" terrorists were going to target train stations and stadiums, and with the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh, and all the hype about this game at Penn State, she is convinced that something terrible will happen.

I told her that there was no way Iowa was going to win this game.

But according to Adam Rittenberg, apparently there have been some vague threats and the security level has been raised for this week's game (and the rest of the season) . . .

Penn State says it will employ enhanced security measures at football games the rest of the season, and that fans should give themselves an extra 30 minutes to get to their seats for games.

The athletic department announcement Thursday comes after a flurry of national security bulletins this week stemming from arrests in a terrorism probe.

Homeland Security officials have said they know of no specific plots against stadiums or other entertainment venues, but cautioned police and private companies to be vigilant.

Well the camel riding towel heads might have scored a moral victory, but they won't keep me from being at this game!
Give Me Nittany, or Give Me Death!
Go State! Go America!

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