Thursday, September 10, 2009

Syracuse: By The Numbers

From the NCAA stats page:

NCAA Stats Comparison
Category: Penn St.Syracuse
Passing Offense580
Total Offense1896
Scoring Offense4371
Rushing Defense560
Turnovers Gained7135
Passes Had Intercepted4646
Pass Defense4085
Net Punting9962
Punt Returns7970
Kickoff Returns5217
Turnover Margin7843
Fumbles Recovered7126
Passes Intercepted3030
Fumbles Lost4343
Turnovers Lost4343
Passing Efficiency3477
Pass Efficiency Defense5739
Total Defense1873
Scoring Defense2369
Fewest Penalties Per Game874
Fewest Yards Penalized Per Game978
Punt Return Yardage Defense8379
Kickoff Return Yardage Defense8394
Offense Third-down Efficiency23107
Offense Fourth-down Efficiency140
Defense Third-down Efficiency2240
Defense Fourth-down Efficiency11
Tackles for Loss233
Offense Tackles for Loss4980
Pass Sacks1134
Pass Sacks Allowed3186
Time of Possession1446
First Downs1791
First Downs Allowed939
Red Zone Efficiency8970
Red Zone Efficiency - Defense160
Average NCAA Rank:37.1659.57
Weighted Avg. Rank: 40.5870.17

Keep in mind that these stats reflect ONE game only. With that said, PSU leads most categories, some overwhelmingly.

The Orange edge out PSU in turnovers gained, net punting, punt returns, kickoff returns , fumbles recovered, turnover margin, pass efficiency defense, punt return kickoff yardage and red zone efficiency. The latter stat wasn't helped by a 28 yard missed field goal and an INT on the 2-yard line last week. In general, Syracuse has better punting stats. The pass efficiency defense may be due to Minnesota being more of a running team, though to be honest, I didn't see that game and Minnesota ranks 33rd in passing offense after one game.

The question will be, can Syracuse defend the pass if they don't commit to stopping the run like Akron did? Of course, the corollary is, can Penn State run if a defense isn't commited to stacking the box?

In crucial matchups, Penn State brings an 18th ranked offense against the nation's 73rd rank defense, while the Orange offer up a 96th ranked offense against the nation's 18th ranked defense. Penn State's offense is 23rd in 3rd down efficiency while Syracuse is 107th.

Barring injuries and turnovers, this game should be well in hand by halftime, but you know the old saying . . . on any given Saturday. . .

Penn State leads the all-time record between these two schools, 41-23-5. Paterno is 22-4 versus the Orange.

The game will be carried on the Big Ten Network--PSU has been on TV 179 of their last 181 games.

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