Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things Could Be Worse

You could be an Illini fan.

Mark Tupper of the writes about Illinois fans and bloggers:

Inside the insulated world of the Illini football players and coaches, I guess it’s important to sound confident and keep some level of confidence in place. Maybe the sun is still shining in that world.

But where the fans live, it’s raining. There is thunder and lightning and the sirens are sounding.

From Arrelious Benn, wide receiver from Washington, D.C.: “We just didn’t execute. Little penalties and stuff. There’s going to be a lot of negativity coming at us and we just need to stick together.”

From a blogger: “I don’t remember the Illini playing this poorly since the Gary Moeller era. It just seems the primary problem is mental and related to how much character this group has or doesn’t have.”

From Juice Williams, quarterback from Chicago: “We just have to work on the little things. It’s nothing major that’s going on. We’re just doing things that beat ourselves.”

From a blogger: “What’s most troubling is there is no passion with this team. The players have no urgency…that shows on the field. You sit and watch the game, waiting for something positive to happen and it’s all so boring to watch. I was checking the channels for the National Chess Championships for something a little more exciting to watch.”

From Brent: “After watching the film (of the Ohio State game), it was little things, a play here, a play there and we’re in that game. I don’t think there was anything that affected us as far as weather or their fans, just little things.”

From a blogger: “We started out well until the first interception. Ohio State made the adjustments they needed. Miracles? It will be a miracle if we win another game. I hope the coaching staff has invested and saved their money wisely.”

And, finally, from a blogger: “Damn! Why didn’t you tell me the National Chess Championship was on? I was switching between the game and the Discovery Channel, watching the wildebeest cross the Serengeti plain one more time.”

Sadly, a lot of that could apply to Penn State as well. Wish I had known the Chess Championships were on!

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