Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weekly Rooting Guide

As the hopes of a BCS bid grow dim, here we go . . .

South Florida is a 1 point favorite of the home team, Rutgers. That huge R is simply . . . marvelous. Frankly, I don't care who wins this game.

Penn State is a 21.5 point favorite over the Hoosiers. If I were a gambling man, I'd bet on this game being closer than that. The Hoosiers put up 14 points against the Buckeyes and 24 against the Hawks. We didn't fare so well in either of those contests. I still think we win though. My confidence level is not high right now.

In the Big Ten:

Illinois is a 4 point favorite over the Wildcats. WOW!

Ohio State is favored by 13.5 over the Stanzi-less Hawks. I really hate rooting for Ohio State and I can't stand that the marijauna leafs will add another Big Ten Title to their trophy case, but I don't think Ferentz has much of a chance here.

Purdue is a pick against the Spartans. Go Sparty!

THEM plays Wisconsin, but for some reason, my paper doesn't give a spread and I'm too lazy to look it up on-line. GO BADGERS!

The Gophers play South Dakota State. No line. Go Gophers!

In Top Ranked Action:

Florida is favored by 15 at South Carolina. GO GAMECOCKS!

Alabama is a 12.5 favorite over Mississippi State. Go BULLDOGS!

Texas is a 25 point favorite over Baylor. Yeah, whatever.

Cincy takes on West Virginia tomorrow night. No line in our paper on this one either. And I don't have a horse in this race either. So, go Mountaineers!

Utah is a 17.5 point dog to TCU. Go Utes!

Idaho is a 28 point dog to Boise State. Whatever.

Stanford is a 11.5 dog to USC. Go Tree!

In other games of interest:

Pitt is a 7 point favorite over the Irish. Is this choosing the lesser of two evils or what? I gotta root for the Irish on this one, but it's gonna hurt either way.

Wake Forest is a 4.5 point fave over Bowden. GO DEMON DEACONS!

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