Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The King Is Back

King Ad Buck has made his annual arrival on the BWI Board with his assessment of the game:

The King does not expect much from The Bucks on the field this weekend. The King's last two road trips have been to USC (35-3 whoopin') and to Purdue (embarrassing). The King expects OSU's WR that plays QB to be wound tighter than a snare drum this weekend, and throw several INT's, and run out of bounds at least 35 times.

That dude has to lead the universe in running out of bounds.

Watching Ohio State do offense is like watching senior citizens do porn. Not that The King knows anything about senior citizens doing porn, but The King imagines that the old folks would often fall whilst fumbling around, and occasionally they'd get the equivalent of a delay of game penalty.

But, despite Ohio State's high school offense (that is being kind, actually), The King expects to have great times at State College.

The Den is pretty excited about this week's match-up as well.

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