Friday, November 6, 2009

Buckeyes Might Beat Us

Kurt Mews of Bleacher Report has five reasons why OSU might pull the upset.
However, very few in any college football fans or experts are giving Ohio State much of a chance even though the betting lines appear close. Why? Most College football fans have the Purdue game etched in their mind, that shocking game when the Offense looked stagnant, Pryor looked like a deer caught in the head lights, and the vaunted Buckeye defense appeared to be mediocre. However, there are a number of reasons why Ohio State just might win, notice I'm not saying pull off the shocker in Happy Valley this Saturday.

1. OHIO STATE is fairly healthy. Returning this Saturday is the healthy defensive linemen Deximore and RB Boom Boom Herron.

News Flash: The same could be said for Penn State who will finally have both Bowman and Lee back in the line-up.
2. OHIO STATE is still the most talented team in the Big Ten.
No real data presented to support this, except that Ohio State was supposed to win the Big Ten in the preseason. Nice try.
3. OHIO STATE has more experience under their belt.

The Buckeyes barely squeaked out a victory over Navy in their tough OOC schedule (USC lost to a 3-5 Washington team by the way) while Temple defeated Navy 27-24. Experience can be a good thing unless it's bad experiences.
4. OHIO STATE has less pressure to win this game.

I think this may be true to some extent, but the Big Ten title is on the line and since the Bucks still have to face Iowa, they control their own destiny. Do they want another title? And, I think Mr. Pryor is putting a lot of pressure on himself coming into this game by some of the quotes I've read.
5. OHIO STATE is gaining some momentum on offense.

Even a car that won't start will pick up speed downhill in neutral. So what? None of those games have been against OUR defense in OUR house.

There may be reasons why Ohio State prevails, but I'm not sure these are them. I think turn-overs and poor officiating are more likely culprits. Even the weather should be nice--but we have no experience not playing in the rain!!!!


Anonymous said...

I guess Mr. Mews wasn't talking out his a$$ after all.

psudoc90 said...

Apparently not as much as I was! :(