Monday, November 2, 2009

Blog Poll Week Nine

I was sorely tempted to drop !*w@ out of the top 10 after that debacle against the Hoosiers, but a part of me still thinks they would have won even if the refs hadn't hosed the visiting team so badly. The Hawks didn't deserve to win, but they won. I still dropped them. Bah!

There are 7 undefeated teams: Alabama, Florida, Boise State, !*w@, TCU, Texas, and Cincinnati.

There are 4 teams without a win: Rice, New Mexico, Western Kentucky and Eastern Michigan.

4Cincinnati 3
5Boise State
7Iowa 3
8Penn State 1
9Oregon 4
11Georgia Tech
12Houston 3
13Southern Cal 5
14Ohio State 2
15Pittsburgh 2
16Utah 2
17Miami (Florida) 2
18Notre Dame 4
20Oklahoma State 8
21California 2
23Brigham Young
24Virginia Tech 10
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: West Virginia (#20), South Carolina (#21), Mississippi (#24), Central Michigan (#25).

And here are the TAS Computer Ranks. I have debuted a new formula this year. The program takes the NCAA data in various categories. Each team is ranked based on how it compares to the other 119 teams. This is further distilled into a "weighted rank" which puts more emphasis on categories like Total Defense and Total Offense, and less weight for categories like net punting or penalties per game. Strength of schedule is calculated two ways: (1) by determining the average rank of all opponents based on their NCAA composite rank, and (2) by the combined win/loss records of their opponents. These are then fused into a single schedule strnegth rank. The final rank is based on the average of these various rankings, with more emphasis on performance (W/L and NCAA rankings) and less on strength of schedule.

TEAMW/L RankNCAA RankWeighted RankSchedule Strength Total
1Alabama16744 3.63
2Iowa1241723 4.06
3Texas17659 4.56
4Cincinnati13470 4.88
5Florida12278 5.19
6TCU15392 6.31
7Boise St.111107 6.88
8Pittsburgh109914 10.13
9Oregon10131218 10.81
10Penn St.84586 13.10
11LSU10201957 14.13
12Georgia Tech8172871 14.42
13Utah10401894 17.63
14Ohio St.15111047 18.52
15Houston102343110 19.13
16West Virginia18312421 20.88
17Wisconsin18141453 21.19
18Notre Dame18182546 21.69
19South Fla.18301645 21.81
20Southern California18412238 22.44
21Arizona30211526 22.89
22Central Mich.151920107 23.40
23Miami (FL)18555012 23.44
24Rutgers18162180 23.44
25Oklahoma St.18352366 23.88

The Top Five Most Difficult Schedules:

1 - Mississippi
2 - Georgia
3 - Louisville
4 - Baylor
5 - Syracuse

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