Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two QB or Not 2 QB

That is the question.

From Cory Giger of the Altoona Mirror, THEM may use both QBs in the game today.

Tate Forcier looked so impressive leading Michigan back against Notre Dame in week two that it seemed odd the exciting freshman would be embroiled in a quarterback controversy just four weeks later.

Forcier, two weeks removed from a concussion, will start for the Wolverines on Saturday, but Penn State also must be prepared to face backup Denard Robinson.

Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez said using two quarterbacks has "been the plan all year," and he will continue to give both freshmen opportunities. Forcier did not play well - 8-of-19 for 94 yards and one interception - two weeks ago in a 30-28 loss at
Iowa. He was pulled late in the game in favor of Robinson, who led the Wolverines to a late touchdown but threw an interception on a final drive with 46 seconds to go.

Michigan's coaches did not know at the time that Forcier had suffered a concussion. The switch in that game, Rodriguez said, was made because of performance.

Forcier, who chose Michigan over Penn State in the recruiting battle, said he's back to 100 percent after the concussion and a shoulder injury suffered in week four against Indiana.

Penn State's defense will see two very different styles between Michigan's two quarterbacks. Forcier is a much more polished passer, while at this point in Robinson's career he is primarily a running threat.

So for Penn State fans, who would we rather see in the backfield? Despite his claims of being one hundred percent, and despite THEM's offensive numbers, Forcier seems to be regressing as the season goes on. But, if we can't collapse the pocket, he could pick us apart all afternoon. The coaches also have more 4CA on film to prepare for than Robinson.

And while Robinson adds another dimension--running, I think that takes some pressure off the secondary (in terms of coverage but possibly at the expense of increased pressure on run support), and we have done well containing the running QBs we have faced, especially Juice Williams. I think we might fare better against Robinson, but if 4CA is not truly 100%, I'd have to think we'd do OK against him as well. A true platoon may be good for us, as each of them tries too hard to outdo the other and forces too many plays. Neither one would have the opportunity to settle into a groove.

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