Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scary Places to Play

From RealClearSports . . . Beaver Stadium is #6.

Beaver Stadium started with a capacity just under 50,000 but kept growing with expansion after expansion until it more than doubled its size. With a capacity of 107,282, it is, for the 2009 season, the largest stadium in the United States. It’s so enormous that on game day, University Park becomes, in essence, the third largest city in Pennsylvania, behind only Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Every home game is special, but a night game at Beaver Stadium is unlike any other experience. In 2004, a tradition of "WhiteOut” began, where the fans in the entire stadium wears white and it becomes brighter than a day game. The only part not covered in white is a small sections where seniors wear blue shirts that form an outline of the letter ‘S’ around others in white shirts.

Between the call and response of “We Are … Penn State," jumping up and down during “Zombie Nation” and “WhiteOut," Penn State is full of traditions that make Beaver Stadium an atmosphere like no other.


The only other college football stadium on the list is Death Valley, LSU's Tiger Stadium, which logged in at the #2 scariest venue.

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