Monday, October 5, 2009

They are . . . Penn State

Thus is the conclusion from Jon Linder in the Daily Iowan, regarding PSU fans:

As the predominant chant in Beaver Stadium transitioned from “We Are … Penn State” to “We Own … Penn State,” I couldn’t help but direct my jeers at a man who was probably the poorest sport in Happy Valley.

In retrospect, I couldn’t be more ashamed.

My brother and I sat on the border of Iowa’s designated cheering section and, consequently, had the pleasure of meeting who I surmised was the saddest representation of an otherwise stellar fan base in State College, Pa.

This white-wearing Nittany Lion fan spent more time in the first half taunting the Iowa faithful around him than he did watching the game. But he was nowhere to be found as my man Adam Robinson scampered into the end zone with 8:32 to play, putting Iowa ahead by a touchdown.

That idiot’s exit was the last I saw of poor sportsmanship in Happy Valley.

Although the atmosphere was rain-soaked and somber, I was treated with more respect after the game than I have anywhere outside Iowa City as a visiting fan.

Whenever the Hawkeyes win in Ames, you can expect a certain four-letter word followed by a three-letter word. The same is true for fans in State College, but it’s a
considerably less crude — “Good job.”

I couldn’t count how many times a Penn State fan walked up to my group of Iowa fans after the game and said, “Congrats” or “the best team won.” One guy even gave us an entire box of still-hot leftover pizza. . .

With these and a myriad of other instances in mind, I firmly believe the Big Ten is composed of the classiest fans, coaches, and players in the country. Who is the trendsetter of the group?

They are … Penn State.

Thank you.
(You're Welcome!)

PS(u): For the record, the idiot mentioned above was NOT me.

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