Wednesday, October 14, 2009

By The Numbers: Minnesota

Here are the NCAA statistics for Minnesota and Penn State:

NCAA Stats Comparison
Category:Penn St.Minnesota
Passing Offense3975
Total Offense2399
Scoring Offense3865
Rushing Defense883
Turnovers Gained5926
Passes Had Intercepted8296
Pass Defense2662
Net Punting6513
Punt Returns997
Kickoff Returns11912
Turnover Margin7661
Fumbles Recovered908
Passes Intercepted3055
Fumbles Lost5959
Turnovers Lost7990
Passing Efficiency4179
Pass Efficiency Defense1855
Total Defense877
Scoring Defense660
Fewest Penalties Per Game440
Fewest Yards Penalized Per Game341
Punt Return Yardage Defense11314
Kickoff Return Yardage Defense9364
Offense Third-down Efficiency368
Offense Fourth-down Efficiency55106
Defense Third-down Efficiency25112
Defense Fourth-down Efficiency1575
Tackles for Loss457
Offense Tackles for Loss452
Pass Sacks750
Pass Sacks Allowed2693
Time of Possession2795
First Downs13111
First Downs Allowed897
Red Zone Efficiency7036
Red Zone Efficiency - Defense584
Average NCAA Rank:39.7864.22
Weighted Avg. Rank:31.6769.00

Penn State leads most if not all offensive and defensive categories. But Minnesota leads nearly if not all kicking and returning (special teams) categories. Penn State is favored by 15 points. The statistical edge is with the Lions.

In common opponents, both teams played Syracuse. Penn State won their match-up 28-7 while Syracuse took Minnesota to OT before losing 23-20. Edge PSU.

Records. Penn State has one loss to !*w@, ranked 11th. The Gophers lost to Cal and Wisconsin, neither of which is currently ranked. Edge PSU.

Looking Ahead: The Lions travel to Ann Arbor. Minnesota travels to Columbus. Push.

It is homecoming for Penn State. Edge PSU, even though the 1999 Minnesota game was also a homecoming game!

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