Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leggo My Logo

From time to time, as a blogger and a huge Penn State fan, I have had the opportunity to preview and try out some products. As such, I got an email from this company Inflatable Images (not to be confused with inflatable egos) about an inflatable PSU logo. (I checked, but they don't appear to have inflatable cheerleaders.)

Anyway, I found the product to be user-friendly. I also have an inflatable Nittany Lion Mascot, which is slightly larger, but more cumbersome to set up and much more subject to wind. (I get a lot of wind where I live, and it's not from me.)

It sets up quickly. Logos today, they blow up so fast. Taking it down is equally easy, and it stores in a small space. The model I have has no light, which is kind of a bummer for night games. I set it up for each game this season so far. Before the Iowa game, I also added the mascot inflatable. I WON'T MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN. Bad mojo there.

If you're looking for something with a bit of a WOW factor for your yard or tailgate, I highly recommend this product.

Here is my inflatable logo:


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