Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Linebacker Who?

The upstart Gophers, who have managed the 83rd best scoring defense and 77th best total defense in the country are starting to think that maybe they are Linebacker U. Maybe they meant Linebacker Yew--bends but doesn't break????

[The] Gophers hope to show Penn State who really has the best linebackers in the Big Ten . . .

Lee Campbell and Simoni Lawrence, a couple of senior linebackers, drew attention to themselves at the University of Minnesota's football practice Tuesday, hopping around, bobbing their heads and shouting, "Linebacker U, Linebacker U, Linebacker U."

That traditionally has been a nickname for Penn State (5-1, 1-1), ranked No. 13 nationally this season, but the Gophers (4-2, 2-1) feature one of the Big Ten's most talented linebacker corps this year — and want to prove they are the best.

"I don't think Minnesota compares with Penn State's history," said Campbell, who was a big Penn State fan while growing up in Pittsburgh. "It's hard to even argue who is Linebacker U. But all I know is that the linebackers here, we're doing our best to play well week in and week out. We'll see at the end of the year which linebackers are more productive."

". . . drew attention to themselves" Some kids will do anything to get attention.

"I don't think Minnesota compares with Penn State's history," Could this be the understatement of the year?

So where do those impressive numbers show up on the scoreboard? When you look at Minnesota's defensive statistics, they are not good. Granted, their linebackers are making a ton of tackles--but is anyone else? And where are they tackling? At the line of scrimmage or 8 yards downfield? Penn State is 4th in the nation for tackles for a loss, while Minnesota is 57th.

I'm not impressed. Are Yew?

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