Friday, June 26, 2009

What are the Odds?

Rob Oller of the Columbus Dispatch discovered an on-line betting service that is taking bets on which school is most likely to get in trouble with the NCAA next.

The online gambling site has decided to spice up the summer doldrums by posting odds and taking wagers on which schools are most likely to get into trouble with the NCAA.

Ohio State does not fare well. The Buckeyes own the second-shortest odds, 9-1, of being the next to get caught. It gets worse: The football and basketball programs both are listed at 9-1, again the second-shortest odds, of coming under NCAA investigation.

I tried to find these odds on the site, but could not. But then, I didn't register, so maybe that makes a difference. Here are the odds that Oller quotes:

1. Southern California 8-1
2. Ohio State 9-1
3. Florida 10-1
Memphis 10-1
Mississippi 10-1
6. North Carolina 12-1
Connecticut 12-1
Michigan State 12-1
Florida State 12-1
10. Alabama 13-1
Michigan 13-1

The really hilarious part is this tidbit about THEM . . .

The one that should be most embarrassed is Michigan (13-1 odds, tied for 10th), which made the list because of its football coach.

"It's (Rich) Rodriguez," Richards said. "That would be the sole reason. He's a bit of a wild card."

And while you're LOL-ing, there's more . . .

There are even odds on if the next Florida Gators arrest will be a felony or misdemeanor:

Misdemeanor 5-9

Felony 7-5

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JIMPSU said...

Can't believe that Tennessee didn't make the top 10