Thursday, June 25, 2009

Student Ticket Sales

According to the Daily Collegian, student ticket sales--at least for seniors and juniors--is running below average.

Senior student season football tickets did not sellout Monday and junior tickets were still available hours after Tuesday's sale opened in the first year of paperless student tickets.

Last year, it took the senior class eight hours to purchase all the tickets, while the junior tickets sold out about 90 seconds after the sale opened.

So what is the problem? No spare change for Eastern Illinois? Actually, the problem may be scalpers--or the lack thereof.
While the purchasing process is the same, Myford believes the change from paper tickets to storing game tickets on student ID cards has cut down on the number of students buying tickets with the intention of making a resale profit.

In years past, there were postings on the site of students putting their tickets for sale with large markups just moments after ticket sales closed. Through the first two days of student sales, there was not one entry on eBay for Penn State student season football tickets.

And at least one senior was suffering from insanity, writing for Bleacher Report about why he passed on a student ticket . . .
It isn’t about the money. I want to be clear about that much.

For the past three years, I was a part of this living, breathing organism. Each home game, nearly without exception, I counted myself among the 100,000 strong that squeezed into Beaver Stadium every Saturday in varying states of sobriety.

For those three years I counted myself among the frantic refreshers, the lucky few who inhabit what is commonly called “the drinking town with a football problem.” And for a while, it was perfect.
So what funny thing happened on the way to TicketMaster????

It’s just too much responsibility, too big of a burden. I’m a rising senior, I’m 21, and I’m too old for this!

The responsibility of waking up for noon kickoffs when you’ve been out all night before, and all you want is one more hour of sleep, is too much, and you have to pace yourself for the night games, staying till the end of blowouts, and being able to remember who played well and who got embarrassed.

Pardon me, but WTF??????

Since when is 21 too old to be a student fan? How many times in anyone's life do you get to be a part of that? Am I missing something here? Is this a poor attempt at satire and I'm missing the tongue-in-cheek humor behind this post? Has this person stopped their medication without their doctor's approval? I am simply baffled.

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