Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who's Afraid of Virginia?

Hoo?  Hoo?

The Virginia Cavaliers (is that a car or a sports team?) are favored by 10 points over the NCAA down-trodden Nittany Lions of Penn State.

Notable Virginia Alumni include Edgar Allen Poe and Tina Fey.  Wahoo!
The Virginia Cavalier
Which makes me think of . . .

Which basically makes me hungry . . .
The Cavs opened their season against the powerhouse of Richmond, soundly defeating the Spiders 43-19  They amassed 545 yards of total offense with 361 coming through the air.  Of their 28 first downs, 13 were rushing and 15 were by pass, suggesting a balanced offense, confirmed by 42 rushing plays and 43 attempted passes.  They controlled the ball, winning TOP 37:29 to 22:31 for the Spiders.  They were 50% on third down conversion and 2 of 3 on 4th.  No interceptions and no lost fumbles on an opening day suggest a focused game, but maybe Richmond is really just bad.

In short, they appear better on paper than Ohio.  And we all know how that went.

Personally, I blame Sue Paterno, who according to this article left in the fourth quarter to watch her grandson play elsewhere.  Had she stayed, we probably would have won!  JK.

But there is no doubt that Penn State will have to improve to have any chance in this game.  Perhaps without the distractions of a home game, a chance to review things and make some changes, and with a little luck (aren't we DUE for some luck here sometime?) PSU can find a way to turn things around against Virginia.

I thought we'd be 1-0 at this point.  I'm still going to predict a close win by PSU over these Hoos.
And you thought things were bad at Penn State!  Does Mark Emmert know of this?

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