Sunday, September 30, 2012

We Need THIS Guy

Big Shout out to Tim for emailing me this video!

Now, I don't think any of those field goals were very long (strange that the yard lines were perpendicular to the goal posts rather than parallel, but even if he doesn't have the "leg" for 45 yarders, he certainly looked good for extra points and inside the 20.  And, it at least gives O'Brien a reasonable option on fourth down in the red zone.  (I must admit, though, I am secretly loving the going for it on fourth down philosophy--I just don't want it to cost us a game!)

And if this guy's already on a soccer scholarship, Ficken wouldn't have to lose his scholie and could still handle kick offs.

Maybe we should email this video to O'Brien?  What do you think?????

1 comment:

fisherts said...

Width of the field should be roughly 50yds, so some of those where he was on the numbers would have been roughly 45-50 ish. I liked the left footers at the end. Impressive...