Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weekly Game Guide

Boise State is playing BYU on a Blue field in Idaho as I type.  The Broncos are ranked 24th and favored by a touchdown.  They are scoreless at the half.  GO BRONCOS!

Penn State takes on the Angry Birds of Temple this Saturday as a 9 point favorite.  Rumnor is that there may be rain, which could keep the scoring down, and might favor the under dog.  GO STATE!  BEAT OWLS!

Let's see what other games of interest we have this weekend . . .

Pitt is playing Gardner-Webb.  Who?  What?    The hyphenated Runnin' Bulldogs, winless in the Big South conference will hope to catch the panthers napping after what was probably an emotional win over the Turkeys last week.  I don't see Pitt losing this game, but I like bulldogs.  GO BIG SOUTH!

Michigan State will take out their Irish frustration on Eastern Michigan.  Sparty is a 32.5 point favorite, which is about fifth as favorites go.  Bama is 51 over Florida Atlantic, Ohio State is 37.5 over UAB, Tennessee is 35 over Akron, and  Mississippi State is 34.5 over S. Alabama (also known as "not-the-Crimson-Tide!")  I don't care much for old "time-out, ice the crowd" Dantonio, but what the heck, Go Sparty!

Wisconsin is a 16 point favorite over UTEP.  Like Bielema even less.  GO UTEP!

Iowa is picked by 17 over Central Michigan.  You know, no matter how much Iowa plays like crap early in the season, they always play like the friggin Pittsburgh Steelers against us.  GO Chippewas!

Illinois is favored by a mere point over La. Tech.  I really don't care.

Minnesota is picked by 2 over Syracuse.  I don't like orange.  GO GOPHERS!

Northwestern plays South Dakota.  GO WILDCATS!  No reason at all.  Just trust me on this one.

Nebraska plays Idaho State.  I-dy, I-dy, I-dy, O!  Oh, what the heck.  GO HUSKERS!

And then there's that little game between Notre Dame and THEM.  This is stressful.  Who do you root for?  Beelzebub or Satan?  It's always the lesser of two evils in this game.  And THEM might just be the greater of those.  GO IRISH.  No!  Wait.  Can we root for a cancellation?  Natural disaster?  Whatever.

Purdue has a bye.  Ain't that special?

Navy plays VMI (no line.)  GO NAVY!

Ohio plays Norfolk State (no line.)  GO BOBCATS!

Virginia is a 17 point under dog to TCU.  GO CAVALIERS!

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