Monday, September 10, 2012

Pigskin Postgames: Week 2

Aren't you glad you're not an Arkansas fan?

The Razorbacks, previously ranked 8th in the nation in the AP poll fell in OT by a score of 34-31.  To Louisiana.  Monroe.  Not the LSU Louisiana.  That's almost as bad as losing to Youngstown State!

Speaking of which, the panthers have provided some relief for Penn State fans this season opening 0-2 as we have.  On Thursday night, the panthers lost to Cincinnati 34-10.  Can you imagine the message board trolls from Pittsburgh (all three of them) if they were 2-0?  Thankfully, we have been saved from that so far.

Wisconsin fell to Oregon State by a score of 10-7.

Nebraska lost to UCLA 36-30.

I guess that means the Big Ten is down this year.  It's funny, but every year since we joined this conference and Penn State was in the hunt for the conference title, the Big Ten was "weak."  But if Ohio State or THEM are leading the conference, then the conference is "strong."  Have you noticed that?

Speaking of THEM, they survived Air Force 31-25.

Notre Dame was almost upset by Purdue 20-17.  Close only counts in horseshoes, Boilermakers.

Iowa lost to Iowa State 9-6.  With the offensive production we showed against Virginia, we could be looking at another 6-4 game here.  I.  Hope.  Not.

After getting beaten by Okie State 84-0 last week, Savannah State lost to F$U 55-0.  Amazing how much money that program just earned without even scoring a point!

I wish we had an extra point.  Or three.  I'm still in disbelief.  There is definitely something messing with the feng shui of this Penn State team.

And Okie State probably wishes they had some of those points rolled over, as they got pounded 59-38 by Arizona.

BTW, Ohio beat New Mexico State 51-24.

And checking in on future opponents, Temple lost to the Terps 36-27.    Navy had the week off to prepare for the Penn State prevent offense.

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