Saturday, September 29, 2012

Illinois In-Game Blog

I missed the opening of the game due to unforeseen circumstances, but as I tuned in, we had the ball already deep in Illini territory.  Unfortunately, we bogged down and Ficken successfully kicked a field goal!  But thanks to an Illini running into the kicker penalty, PSU converted those 3 points into 7 after two running plays.


PSU then held Illini and forced a punt.

So PSU is on the move and the Illini are helping out with a personal foul hit to the head.  Thank you very much.

Is that an Illini coach on the PSU sideline recruiting?

The PLAY is UNDER FURTHER REVIEW.  It certainly looks like Belton got in on the second effort, but alas, the video evidence was insufficient.  Doesn't matter.  McGloin sneaks for his third rushing TD of the year!  But wait.  There's more.  Let's REVIEW IT FURTHER.  Hell, the refs couldn't tell until they unpiled players.  How in the wide, wide, world of sports can TV replay add anything to that????  Moot point.  Play stands.

PENN STATE 14-0.  Ficken 3-0, counting the field goal that didn't count.

My God!  Even our return game is looking good!  I think Illinois should work at halftime to recruit a few more players over to their side.  It's not moral, but it's probably legal.  I'm sure the NCAA will allow them to change uniforms in mid game.  And maybe they could recruit some fans to fill their stadium while they're at it!

How the tables turn so quickly.  A couple of almosties by McGloin turned the ball over on downs, and the Illini burst a run deep into PSU territory.  I hate momentum swings.  Well, when the swing against us.  I still like going for it on fourth rather than a long field goal or a punt.  Defense needs to tighten up now.

ILLINOIS MISSED THE FIELD GOAL!  (Did they convert Ficken?--Just Kidding, Sam!)

Penn State took over on the 20 after the miss, but couldn't overcome a chop block penalty and were forced to punt when McGloin took a rare sack on third down.  Great punt by the Butterworth and a fantastic stick by Mauti to plant the receiver in his tracks.  PSU back on D.


Mission accomplished, although we couldn have been flagged for a helmet to helmet hit.  I like the defensive aggressiveness, though.  No running room on the punt.

PSU takes over and starts with a nice 20 yard run by Beltin' Belton.

Alex Kenney for the Penn State First down!  Oo, Oo, Oo, Oo, Oo, Oooooo.  Oo, Oo, Oo, Oo, Oo, Oooooo.  That quickly turned into Oo, No, No, No, No, Nooooo as McGloin took a huge sack and PSU tried a 47 yard field goal that is missed.  Ficken now 3-1 on the day.



Zwinak's the hot knife.  The Illini D line is butter.  Penn State is moving the ball in big chunks on the ground.

Lehman for the TD off of play action!  Helmet to helmet hit brings the flag against the Illini!  15 yards enforced on the ensuing KO and #9 was ejected from the game!  Bring it on, Illini babies.  BRING.  IT.  ON.   Recruit that, losers.  I hope we hang another 50 on Beckman and his merry little band of poaching recruiters.  Douche bag.

But Todd, how do you really feel about them?


Penn State D being challenged again.  Illini have moved the ball inside the PSU 10 with half a minute to go.  Fourth and goal at the four, and they already missed a field goal.  Can PSU rise to the occasion, or will Illinois opt for the FG?  Only the shadow knows.

YOU HAVE TO BE F'N KIDDING ME!  SERIOUSLY?  Illinois really deserved to have that shit shoved so far down their throats a gastroenterologist would have to come in to get it back.  Either way, it was a great play by Mauti and an in-your-poaching-face moment for Mr. Beckman.

Well, well, well.  One second left.  Sucks to be you Beckman.  Unfortunately, PSU took their foot off the accelerator and opted for the FG which was blocked.  There were more ups and downs than an elevator in the Empire State Building in that final minute.  This was the first really questionable call for O'Brien.  One yard.  McGloin has been gold on the sneak from there.


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