Sunday, September 30, 2012

410 Fund

Apparently, a fund is being set up . . . 410 for Joe's next win . . . to help football players pay back any debt after graduating.  This is a response to sanctions at Penn State that limit the number of scholarships by the NCAA.

According to Aaron Cheslock on
The "410 fund" looks to help Penn State football players repay their student loans after they graduate. Faith Lucchesi-Deboef, the organization's President says it was partly formed in response to the NCAA sanctions against Penn State handed down in July. 
"It doesn't have quite the same appeal as maybe curing cancer does, but sports and athletics and education go a long way into creating a good citizen."

Lucchesi-Deboef is the founder of the 410 fund. She's a mother of three football players, and says future football players shouldn't have to pay for Penn State's past problems.

It's not just for Penn state, Lucchesi-Deboef says donations can get sent in for any student-athletes leaving any D-1A football program in the country.
I have no idea if this violates any NCAA rules, but I don't think the NCAA can regulate what happens after a student graduates.  But then again, the NCAA apparently doesn't limit themselves to matters it has no business to regulate.  The part about not limiting it to Penn State football players may be a way around the NCAA, ala the NC academic fraud that is being dismissed by the NCAA because any student could have taken those courses.


Carolyn Todd said...

I think a bigger issue is whether or not such a fund after a student graduates would be eligible for federal non-profit status.

Chuck said...

highly influential penn state football fans need to come out and say they will be actively seeking out penn state football grads for employment when they are done playing football. this will help them pay off education debt.

Carolyn Todd said...

Having a Penn State degree is something that can definitely be used for recruiting. #1 choice by corporate recruiters according to the Wall Street Journal...

Oh wait, that's right...I forgot...we are a football culture.