Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pigskin Postgames

While I still haven't recovered from yesterday's loss to Ohio (as if we needed another reason to dislike that state!) I guess we should look on the bright side of things.

At least the NCAA still allows us to field 11 players.  Of course, if Emmert had thought about it sooner, he could have included restricting us to 9 or 10 on the field at a time as part of the Consent Decree.  Maybe I shouldn't even give him the idea . . .

From around the nation . . .

The top teams in the AP handled their opening days in impressive fashion.  Of note, the Tide rolled mightily over Denard Robinson en route to a 41-14 shellacking.

The Spartans rolled out a "Rose Bowl defense" without a "Rose Bowl offense" if you believe the ESPN announcers.  They narrowly defeated Boise State 17-14.  The Broncos, without Kellen Moore for the first time since like the Clinton administration, did not score an offensive touchdown.

Can Penn State fans still say the word "touch-down?"

Future opponent Temple took out Villanova  41-10.  Is Temple really back in the Big East?  That's like an abused woman going back to her drunk boyfriend because "she still loves him and he promises to change."  Good luck with that move.

The Irish, in Ireland of all places, sank Navy 50-10.

Florida struggled against Bowling Green, but BG couldn't pull off the win like the Bobcats did.  The Gators prevailed 27-14.  I'm feeling some reptile envy right now.

Wisconsin survived Northern Iowa 26-21, while Iowa eked out a victory over the powerhouse of Illinois 18-17.  But don't worry, no matter how much they look like crap early in the season, they will have their best games against Penn State.  Mark it down!

Hey, it worked for getting rid of the statue . . .
Wake Forest beat Liberty by 3.  Interesting, but who really cares?

Indiana crushed Indiana State 24-17.  Well, that's crushing for Indiana.  In football.

The penguins beat Pittsburgh 31-17.  Kind of freaking ironic ain't it?  Pittsburgh.  Penguins.  Whatever.

Clemson prevailed over Auburn 26-19.  Southern speed versus southern greed.

And the most lopsided victory goes to Okie state, taking Savannah State out behind the woodshed to the tune of 84-0.

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