Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weekly Game Guide

For Whom Do We Root?

Penn State  and Illinois are idle this weekend.

In the Big Ten:

Ohio State is favored by 27.5 over the Hoosiers.  An upset win by the Hoosiers here would be simply HUGE.  Is it going to happen.  Sadly, I'm afraid not.  But we're going to root for the Hoosiers anyway. GO INDIANA!

Nebraska is favored by 17.5 over the Wildcats.  Both teams are in the Legends Division, so the outcome doesn't affect Penn State much.  Although I like to see Northwestern upset teams not called Penn State, I actually think it is better for Penn State for the Huskers to win.  We don't want to face them in a must win mode.  A defeat could make them vulnerable to further let down, but I wouldn't count on that.  Let's root for the Huskers in a close, physical game that wears them out a bit.  OT would be nice.  Is that likely to happen?  See O$U above.  But anyway, GO HUSKERS!

Purdue is a heavy underdog (26 points) to Wisconsin.  The Badgers have lost two in a row and have tumbled from the top 10.  They are looking for somone to bitchslap.  Sorry Purdue.  But . . . this is another game where an emotional letdown and Purdue playing over their heads could create an upset that can only help PSU in the divisional standings.  GO BOILERS!

MSU is a 28 point favorite over Minnesota.  Who cares?  Pick your favorite color in this one.  Maroon or Green?

How wonderful would it be for Iowa, coming off a one point loss to the Gophers, to upset THEM in Iowa City?  I would sacrifice a small animal to make that happen.  I would sacrifice a large animal to make that happen.  Of course, I'd do that for a Klondike Bar too.  The wolverines are favored by 4 on the road.  GO HAWKEYES!

In games of past opponents:

Temple lost to Ohio last night 35-31.  Bad Owls.  Bad.  Bad.  Bad.

Alabama is favored by 4.5 over LSU.  I don't think the game will live up to the hype, but then that's what SEC football is all about.  Having lost to Bama, I feel obligated to root for them.  And it improves our strength of schedule.  ROLL TIDE, ROLL!

Eastern Michigan is favored over Ball State by 2.5.  GO EMU!

Indiana State (5-3) hosts undefeated North Dakota State (motto:  "We beat Minnesota--again!"). GO TREES!

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