Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bye Week Blues

Silly me . . . I was sure Penn State couldn't lose this past weekend.  Boy was I wrong.  There's a really good read on the subject at The Nittany Turkey.

Amid all the accusations and speculations, I have seen some scenarios where Curley and possibly Spanier may lose their jobs, depending on how this plays out.  Most of what I've read have painted Paterno in a good light, at least legally, if not morally.

So one has to wonder . . . will Joe become acting and/or permanent AD?  And as such, would he then determine how long he will coach (as if he isn't already) and who his successor will be????

And we didn't fare much better on the football field either, as Nebraska managed to screw up against Northwestern.  So instead of a 3:30 game next Saturday for Senior Day, the game will be played in the insignificant noon slot.  If we sleepwalk through another first quarter, and play prevent offense with Bolden in the second, this could be an ugly game against a Nebraska team that is now in a must-win mode to stay alive in their division.

Well, at least we should move up in the polls.


Penn State is 12th in the BCS.  And also the highest ranked Big Ten team. Imagine that!

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