Saturday, November 5, 2011

LSU Kicks Bama out of National Championship Game

With a field goal kick in OT, LSU edged past Alabama 9-6.  Alabama missed three field goals in the game, including a 53-yarder in the OT, and had another one blocked.  And while Alabama could still sneak into the BCS Championship, it is very unlikely.  LSU controls their own destiny.

Now, why is it when LSU and Alabama play a 9-6 game with nothing but field goals, it's a good old fashioned slug fest, but when Penn State and Ohio State play the same type of game it is boring?

And in other news, Eastern Michigan lost too, so there goes our strength of schedule.

Nebraska was upset at home by Northwestern 28-25.

As I predicted, Bielema took his frustrations out on the first team he could, pummelling Purdue 62-17.

Upsets in the Top 25 include West Virginia falling to Louisville 38-35 and Arizona State losing to UCLA 29-28.

As of this time, my other favorite team, Boise State, is on upset alert, tied 14-14 with UNLV at the half.

Pitt lost 26-23 to Cincinnati.  Teehee.

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