Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oklahoma State destroyed by Cyclones

The Number 2 team in the country has fallen.  Only LSU and Houston are still undefeated.

The Cowpokes missed a field goal in the fourth quarter (did he miss it or not--man it was close) that sent the game into OT.  Iowa State picked off Okie State in the second quarter to keep them from scoring, and then pounded the ball in for a TD to win 37-31.

It was the first time Iowa State ever beat a team ranked higher than seventh. And what did their fans do then?

They sang Sweet Caroline. (music starts about the 1:50 mark.) 

I don't see him. Can you find Guido in this video????

May this be the first of many upsets this weekend . . . PSU, Nebraska, Illinois.  I'll even sing Sweet Caroline if Illinois wins! 

Sweet, Illinois . . . . BOM BOM BOM . . . so good, so good, so good!!!

Is there something in the air, or did I just pass gas???

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