Friday, September 30, 2011

Statistically Speaking: Hoosier Edition

Last week, we saw how close in stats Penn State was to EMU, an obviously over-matched opponent on the field.  This week, the disparity in stats is even greater . . . the Hoosiers are statistically worse than EMU.

From the NCAA stats site:

NCAA Stats Comparison
Category:Penn St.Indiana
Passing Offense7636
Total Offense8958
Scoring Offense8171
Rushing Defense3095
Turnovers Gained1829
Passes Had Intercepted5430
Pass Defense737
Net Punting7674
Punt Returns6566
Kickoff Returns65119
Turnover Margin3333
Fumbles Recovered2815
Passes Intercepted2158
Fumbles Lost7777
Turnovers Lost7353
Passing Efficiency10060
Pass Efficiency Defense785
Total Defense878
Scoring Defense1073
Fewest Penalties Per Game34116
Fewest Yards Penalized Per Game25104
Punt Return Yardage Defense8517
Kickoff Return Yardage Defense6028
Offense Third-down Efficiency8521
Offense Fourth-down Efficiency1057
Defense Third-down Efficiency3892
Defense Fourth-down Efficiency9494
Tackles for Loss27104
Offense Tackles for Loss5110
Pass Sacks66117
Pass Sacks Allowed25105
Time of Possession7973
First Downs8244
First Downs Allowed1075
Red Zone Efficiency7784
Red Zone Efficiency - Defense11471
Average NCAA Rank:51.5968.38
Weighted Avg. Rank:49.3364.25

For comparison, EMU had an average NCAA ranking of  57.89 compared to the Hoosiers 68.38.  Here are some other numbers to put that in perspective:

Wisconsin 28.72 (1st nationally)
Temple 33.00 (3rd nationally)
LSU 33.24 (5th)
Alabama 37.83 ( 11th)
Penn State  51.59 (41st)
Pittsburgh 66.37 (88th*)
Indiana 68.38 (95th)
New Mexico 89.37 (119th**)

(* Does not include the stats from their win over USF Thursday night.)
(**There are now 120 teams ranked in this division--FBS--but my computer program was written before Western Kentucky was added, so there are only 119 teams represented.  I've been too lazy to update it since, well, it's only Western Kentucky.)

A couple of individual stats really stick out is how poorly the Hoosiers are in kick-off returns, and how penalized they are as a team.

Offensively, they have done better than Penn State, but keep in mind we have faced Alabama and Temple which are statistically good teams, while the Hoosiers have faced Ball State (30th), Virginia (48th) and North Texas (109th) while Penn State has faced Temple (3rd), Alabama (11th) and Eastern Michigan (77th).  Their average opponent was ranked 62.33 while our opponents averaged 30.33 nationally.

And while they may have marginally better offensive stats against weaker opponents, our defensive stats are considerably better than theirs against arguably better opponents.

Of course, we didn't really need stats to tell us our defense is pretty good and our offense sucks.  You only have to watch the games to see that.

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