Thursday, September 1, 2011

Live From Madison . . .It's Thursday Night!

It's Thursday night.

Normally that means choosing between Big Bang Theory and Pitt football.  I really like Big Bang Theory.  Of course, there's also Steeler's Football!

But this Thursday brings new blood to Thursday night as the Wisconsin Badgers (favored by 35) are getting set to play UNLV.  I gotta go with da badgers on dis one.

Other games of practically no interest include Miss State (30 points) over Memphis, Syracuse (6) over Wake Forest, Idaho (6.5) over Bowling Green, FIU (14) over North Texas, and Kentucky (18) over Western Kentucky.

Friday features a match-up between TCU (4.5) and Baylor.

For the weekend, the Buckeyes are heavily favored (33.5) over Akron, despite it seeming like most of the team has been suspended.  The Irish (10.5) are favored over South Florida.  THEM (14) plays Western Michigan.  Alabama (38) opens with Kent State.  And in the interesting game of the week, Boise State is a 3 point favorite over Georgia.  LSU and Oregon (3), both in the Top 5, battle it out in Texas.

I realized two things as I finished my countdown of the season.  First, and foremost, I'm suddenly excited about this season.  Two months ago--not so much.  Perhaps time has helped heal the wounds inflicted by that painful bowl game.  Perhaps I have drank enough Kool Aid to convince me this will be a great season.  Perhaps I just can't help myself.

The second thing I realized is that I have not posted an official prediction for the season.  Two months ago I was thinking 8-4 with a 6-6 being possible.

Well cut my hair with a weed whacker and call me Ishmael, but I'm thinking 10-2 now, with 8-4 being on the side of worst case scenarios. 

Two losses--likely Bama and Wisconsin--and a probable BCS bowl.  Depending on the Big Ten picture, that might might include a trip to the first Big Ten Championship if the Badgers stumble a couple of times along the way.

NittanyNole of the BWI messageboard wrote that ESPN analyst Robert Smith has the Lions pegged as a dark horse to win the Big Ten.

And if we beat Bama next week . . . . look out.  This team could make things happen.

Of course, we have to cut some trees first.  A little firewood for when the season gets cold.

Here's what some of the Sycamores are rattling their leaves and saying:
Wow. People don't even mention our qb puts there's to shame lol..
Indy Tree Fan: 
If anyone on their staff spends one second game planning for us, they should be fired. They should just prepare for Alabama for two weeks. We're nothing but a scrimmage - heck, we're not even that. Just forget about little 'ol ISU. Matter of fact, I hope the entire PSU teams has a big party the night before. They can beat us even with their hangovers...

I don't know if we can win, but can anyone say "trap" game??? Set it up, boys!!!
Go Blue, Fear the rolling timber!!!!!!!!
Or hey Penn State,don't fear them, then fall like Golieth. [or like Goliath]
I'm shocked that we are 37 point underdogs if for no other reason than the fact that Penn State's offense sucked last year and I can't remember too many games last year that they even scored 37 total points for the game. The last few years they have won with their defense and running game. Do they even know who their starting quarterback will be?
Roll timber?  Seriously?
So which Penn State player do you think will be dubbed, "chainsaw?"

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