Sunday, September 18, 2011

Post Game Reactions: Broken TV Edition

Are we being too hard on our offense?

I think not.

We struggled against Indiana State, despite putting 41 points on the board.  ISU won their next two games over Butler (48-34) and Western Kentucky (44-16).

We managed only 11 points against a stiff Bama defense.

Should we have put more points on the board versus Temple?  We certainly COULD have, if we had had a field goal kicker.

But I didn't credit Temple's defense a bit, even though the Owls gave up a total of 10 points in the two previous games (Villanova and Akron.)

Personally, I don't think our offense can blame Temple's defense for the problems we are having scoring points.

But then I read a Temple fan's recap of the game.  Do you know why Temple lost?  It wasn't because the Penn State defense mauled them in the second half.  It is because Temple's Offense lost the game for them.
A team that has Bernard Pierce, Mike Gerardi, Joey Jones, Evan Rodriguez, Rod Streater, Matty Brown, Alex Jackson and Deon Miller should not be struggling to put points on the board, no matter who the opponent.
Seriously?  Are Temple fans as poor at football analysis as their team is at playing the game?  You expect your offense to generate the same points against Oklahoma (or say, Penn State) as you would against Akron????
To me, that lack of offensive help is the most disappointing thing.
A team that has a 6-5, 320-pound offensive line, should be able to get a push from time to time and protect the quarterback with regularity, no matter who the opponent.
If size were all that mattered, Wisconsin would never lose a game.

I am somewhat offended that no credit was even given to the Penn State D.  Even I admitted that Bama was the better team last week.  Didn't change the fact that our offense sucks, but a good D magnifies that problem.

Maybe Temple has a better D than we expected.

I don't know much about that, but my hair is fierce.

And I know looking at Temple's remaining schedule--Maryland, Toledo, Ball State, Buffalo, Bowling Green, Ohio, Miami (OH),  Army and Kent State--they won't face a tougher defense than they saw this past Saturday.  Unfortunately for the Owls, they'll probably face a few better offenses.

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