Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The Hoosiers are 1-3 and their defensive coordinator is pissed.  And embarrassed, according to this News-Sentinel article by Pete DiPrimio.
Oh, yes. Defensive co-coordinator Mike Ekeler is ticked.

“There is no depth chart at this point,” he said. “We're not gonna watch that. That's not gonna be representative of who we are. We're gonna fix it. That's why we were brought here. That's not the standard we're gonna set.”

The Hoosiers are 1-3 and enter Saturday's Big Ten opener against Penn State (3-1) with zero momentum. They got manhandled by a previously winless North Texas team Saturday three weeks after being manhandled by Ball State and a week after setting a school record for most penalties.

“We had 28 loafs (not hustling plays) and I think it was 18 missed tackles,” Ekeler said about the 24-21 loss to North Texas. “That was an embarrassment.

“We didn't come to play. That's on me. I take it very personal. I'm embarrassed that that tape is out there on how we looked on defense. We had guys playing like they were scared. Scared to put their face on somebody.”
To add insult to injury . . .

Former Homestead standout Kevin Bush is no longer on the football team. Coach Kevin Wilson said after Saturday's North Texas game that the junior defensive end had “lost his spark about playing.”

But hey!  They're going to celebrate the 1991 Copper Bowl team, so at least they've got that going for them.
Are you embarrassed?  Me?  No.  Wait!  Is it basketball season yet?

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