Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekly Game Guide

It's Thursday night.

UCLA v Arizona.

Another Rick Neuheisal sighting.

Watch the game or blog?  Watch the game or blog?  Game?  Blog?

So here I am blogging.

(The game is still on, I'm just not paying that much attention.)

For whom do we root?

Tonight?  Let's go with Arizona who just fired their head coach in mid-season.  Yeah, it's either that or a coin toss.  Ok, how about this?  I'm a Penguins fan and I don't like the Boston Bruins.  By the substitutive property of sports, I don't like the UCLA Bruins.  GO ARIZONA!


Penn State is a 4 point favorite over the non-Arizona but more Northwesterly Wildcats and the line has been stable all week.  Bad NW defense gives our offense a chance to put things together.  LET'S GO STATE!

Nebraska is a 25 point fave over the Goophers.  Neither one is in our division, but we do play the Huskers and it would be better for our strength of schedule if they win.  That was way too much analysis for a game that the gophers have close to zero chance of winning.  GO HUSKERS!

Iowa hosts Indiana and is favored by 23.5.  GO HAWKS!  ( I feel bad for the Hoosiers, and maybe I should throw them a bone.  But they have as much chance of winning this game as the Goophers have of upsetting Nebraska.)

Wisconsin is favored by 8 as they travel to Spartan stadium.  Only MSU beat the badgers in the Big Ten last year.  Interesting.  Just as we play the Cheateyes at home twice in a row, the badgers must travel to East Lansing again.  Will history repeat itself.  Sorry, Sparty, but this is not the same Wisconsin team that jumped around and sang the beer barrel polka last year.  This team is going to teach you a lesson.  ON WISCONSIN!  (And, it helps our strenmgth of schedule :) )

Purdue is a 4 point home dog to the Illini, coming off a heart breaking loss to the resurgent Cheateyes.  I'd like to see Purdue give them a good game.  Wear them down a little.  But I think "our win" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)  over the Illini will look better if they win this game.  GO ILLINOIS!

The little two in the Big conference--THEM and the Columbus Cheateyes--are idle this week.  Let's see what the survey says . . . . Yep!  No one cares!


Alabama is a 29 point favorite over Tennessee.  They'll pop Rocky Top, but can they outdo LSU?  ROLL TIDE ROLL!

Temple is favored by 13 over Bowling Green.  GO OWLS!

Indiana State is 5-2 with losses to Northern Iowa and Penn State.  They face Illinois State.  GO TREES!

Eastern Michigan (4-3) is a 12 point underdog to Western Michigan.  GO EMU!

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