Monday, October 3, 2011

More Buckeye Benefits

According to Ari Wasserman (wasn't Ari a White House Press Secretary--oh, wait, that was Fleischer--or was that Heidi Fleischer--oh, never mind!) three buckeyes have been suspended "indefinitely."
Ohio State will be without running back Boom Herron, receiver DeVier Posey and offensive lineman Marcus Hall indefinitely as part of an NCAA investigation into a summer employment issue. OSU athletic director Gene Smith said the three are out for the Nebraska game.
Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith announced Monday afternoon that three football players have been suspended for Saturday’s away game at Nebraska for accepting improper benefits while employed for a Cleveland-area booster.

Smith acknowledged that he’s being held responsible for the repeated incidents off the field but doesn’t feel as if there is a systemic problem at Ohio State.
I guess he hasn't lost that lovin' feeling yet.  What is he feeling?  Indigestion?

So, how much you want to bet these jokers will be back on the field when we play them.  What?!  Like we should be penalized too?  If Nebraska doesn't have to face Robbin' Hoods merry men, why should we???

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