Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trash Talking

Um, from Akron?

I kid you not.

ZipsNation has a thread started by ZachtheZip (with a name like that, it has to be good!) Here's some gems and evidence of a lack of intelligent life in Ohio:
I think we'll have a better chance to beat them than we've ever had before. We have a mostly veteran team who won't be scared or in awe of their crowd. Walt Harris knows how to beat Penn State at their place, and you can bet that he's doing all he can to get us ready to beat his old rival.

The fact was corrected later--Walt Harris beat PSU only once--in Pittsburgh.

It's go time! PSUcks! The Nittany Housecats are going down. Get angry!
I Know we can beat Penn. Penn is our You know I'm fired up.

Are they playing us or Penn--now I'm just confused?

I want to see our Zips walk onto field with heads held high, and the smell of "No Fear" emanting from their from their jerseys. I want to see fear in the eyes of Penn's offensive team starting early in the game. I want to see Penn's QB staring up at the sky. I want to see our defense deliver hits harder than Superman's knee. I want to see Joe Paterno sweating like a MF'er (no matter how cold it may be!). I want to see Bowser pull in multiple 30yd. receptions. I want to see our "D" Smack the dalites out of their offense. I want to see many loyal Zips in the stadium mercilessly/crazy loud, cheering on our team.

I just want to see this guy's face after the game.
Pennzoil State

OK, that's a new one. Point for originality. Two point loss for lameness, though. Speaking of which . . .
Did I warp onto a Pitt board? OMG.

As for the fans, we need to grow up. Grow beyond the NE Ohio mentality. We don't have the least bit of confidence as a group of sports fans. I will tell you that confidence is contagious, though.

So is the plague. And Swine Flu.
BRING them suckers on! I can't wait. Our monster defense and explosive offense is gonna Beat them up and down. We are gonna shock them with 5,000 mega watts of raw ROO POWER. Penn is in for the shock of their lives.

I'm sorry, but does raw ROO POWER just not want to make you laugh. It's so Wonder Twins--not superman. To be honest, I'm thinking Winnie-the-Pooh. Heffalumps and woozles!

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