Thursday, August 20, 2009

Badgers Like Beaver Stadium

According to Badger Beat, players at Wisconsin like to play at Beaver Stadium.

"It might be my most horrible memory, but Penn State was the best stadium I’ve played in. It’s 100,000 people and it rises over you. It’s crazy there." — receiver David Gilreath

Conversely: "The toughest stadium to play in is Beaver Stadium, Penn State -- by far. That was the loudest I’ve ever heard. Worst stadium, I’d have to say, is Minnesota (Metrodome). That was crappy." — offensive tackle Gabe Carimi

Rowdy place: "We don’t get to play them this year, but definitely Penn State. Their crowd is definitely the rowdiest crowd that I’ve ever played against, and it’s just fun to play there -- and I’d love to get an upset there." — linebacker Culmer St. Jean

The players are also in favor of adding a 12th team (preferrably Notre Dame), think Bret Bielema is honest and nice, think that celebration is the worst NCAA penalty, and Minnesota is their biggest rival.

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