Friday, August 7, 2009

Magical Big Ten Tour

Drew Cieszynski and a few of his friends are going on a Big Ten Tour this fall, trying to attend a game at each Big Ten Venue.

Per their website . . .

We're a few guys who thought we'd ignore the troublesome economy this Fall & throw our money into watching Big 10 football LIVE in every venue! Among their goals:

- Enjoy the taste of Bud Light Lime in 8 different states (there goes our Miller sponsor)
- Make "Backstreet Boys" acceptable tailgating music
- Visit the state of Iowa and see what all the hoopla is about
- Not get arrested. I've managed to successfully do this throughout life, but gee, 11 or 12 weekends of tailgating, bars, and get the picture.
- Have Mike Greenberg respond to an email about our visit to Northwestern (Mike & Mike in the morning on ESPN).
- To sit inside every Big 10 stadium and witness a game
- Make some of the sweetest road trip mix tapes that ears could beg for
- Try a different local micro-brew in each city
- Create a dance move for each campus.
- Dominate Bucky the Badger in arm wrestling and tell him "I drive truck, break arms, and arm wrestle. It's what I love to do, it's what I do best."
- Take in everything each school has to offer & take it in with some great people.

I didn't know there was an hoopla about Iowa. A dance move???

They have a schedule, and Penn State is the their first stop--our Septemeber 5th game versus Akron. Too bad they couldn't have found a game like Iowa or Ohio State to really taste the flavor of a Penn State weekend, but then they might have trouble getting tickets for those games.

Andrew further writes . . .

I was wondering if you could mention the tour to your readers and ask them to send me feedback on where to eat/where to drink/where to tailgate/etc in happy valley so that I have the most fulfilling experience possible?

We are not sponsored, we are not reporters and have relatively little experience

There's a link for the "BESTS" of the whole tour on the website. The 4 of us didn't attend any BIG TEN school, and each of us from a different BIG TEN state, so we've got an unbiased view. Here's to hoping Penn State gets a few of those awards!

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