Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Preseason Blog Poll is Up

Brian of mgoblog has worked hard over the past several seasons to put together the blog poll--think coaches poll but with bloggers casting the votes.

The 2009 Preseason Blog Poll has also anointed Florida #1.

My ballot, which earned a wack job alert, is here.

I am actually a little disappointed in my blogging brethern. Only two of us (out of 101 votes) chose a team other than Florida. Really???!!! Is there any point in even playing this season? Are we all so sucked into the Urban Meyer Legend? Is it that SEC speed? Have we become one country composed of nothing but Gator Bait? Are we all drinking Gator-ade?

Seriously . . . not one Big XII blogger picked Texas or Oklahoma. No number one votes for USC. Alabama and LSU made the top 10, but not a single blogger thinks they might be #1?

What's the point of having our own poll if we're simply going to rubber stamp the ESPN-hype mentality. At least 6 of the coaches picked someone other than the gators, with four teams sharing votes. The AP poll had only two outliers--both for Texas. At least the blogpoll outliers were creative. Pardon me while I pat myself on the back.

Obviously, all the polls should be similar--we're all looking at the same data sets, which at this point are severely limited by the fact that not a single game has been played yet. Shouldn't there be some subjective bias? Is everyone so consumed about "getting it right" that no one is willing to gamble on a long shot? I'm not asking for a dozen bloggers to pick Vanderbilt to be number one, but I was hoping for some to display some shameless homerism, or at least think outside the blog for a ballot that basically means nothing anyway--most folks understand that the final ballots always differ considerably from the preseason. This ballot is simply an exercise in imagination.

Apparently, we as a group, lack much in the way of imagination.

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