Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Other News . . .

According to Holly Anderson, Spurrier, Zook and Beamer are taking college football in a new direction with a special weapons player . . . a trumpet player.

Steve Spurrier thinks high school senior Ryan Miller can be the man to "lead the University of South Carolina to the SEC championship and the national championship!" Illinois wants to make sure the sought-after recruit knows Coach Zook is having a birthday soon. Frank Beamer would love the kid to drop by Virginia Tech sometime.

The only problem? Ryan Miller's not a football player. Some paper-pusher at a recruiting service that supplies schools with addresses of top prospects has mixed up this Miller, a runner and marching band member, with the actual football-playing Ryan Miller from nearby Erhardt.

I understand that there is some negative recruiting going on regarding the Blue Band, but then we expect that, don't we?

Matt Hinton writes about bad karma at USC:

The BCS Championship Trophy, the one that USC won at the conclusion of the 2004 season, has been damaged. The crystal football which usualy sits atop the trophy was last seen at the bottom of the trophy case at Heritage Hall. [...]Rumor has it that some horseplay in the vicinity of the trophy case was to blame.

That is clearly a fumble! Cover it guys! And where was OJ when this happened?

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