Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hokie Sighting

As I was out for a morning run today, I came upon three wild Hokies turkeys crossing the road.

Listen to them, they're getting away R2! Curse my dumb phone, I wasn't fast enough, it's all my fault!

By the time I got my phone out, hit the menu button, clicked on media, clicked on take picture and then actually took the picture, they had crossed the road and I think I got the rear end of the last one before it entered the woods.  The red circle marks the turkey.  I think.  Maybe I completely missed them.  The sun was out and I couldn't really see the phone screen.  I was just blindly pointing it in their direction as they hurried away from me.  My phone sucks when it comes to taking pictures.  I have a dumb phone.  You still have to push numbers to text.  Heck, you have to dial instead of pressing numbers.

The way those turkeys took off as I fumbled with my phone, I think Hokies turkeys fear Penn State fans, although today I was wearing my Saint Francis running outfit. Why you might ask? Have I switched allegiance? No. But for the first time since 1986, a college other than Penn State is going to have a bigger check written from me, as my daughter will be attending St. Francis this fall.  I am the supportive daddy, but I must admit, wearing the red color makes me feels sleazy.  But I digress.

And I wonder, why did the Hokies cross the road????

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