Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weekly Game Guide: Bye Bye Week Edition

Penn State has a bye this week.

But Virginia Tech is taking on Georgia Tech tonight, currently leading the Rambling Wreck 14-3.   GaTech was favored by 7.5 points.  Go figure.  Still rooting for Georgia Tech in the second half.

In the Big Ten this week . . .

The Ohio $tate $eyes take on da Badgers of Wisconsin.  The bucks are favored by 7, apparently regardless of quarterback.  Actually, the way the bucks have been scoring, one might wonder if Braxton lost his job.  Probably not.  Either way, gotta root for da Badgers.

Iowa, who lost to Northern Illinois is favored by 1 over the Gophers in Minnesota.  Go Gophers!

Speaking of Northern Illinois, they are favored by 3.5 over Purdue.  I'll give you a minute to stop laughing.  Seriously, it's not like a MAC team can't Toledo a team like Penn State . . .but to go into the game FAVORED?  That's a whole new level of disrespect right there.  GO HUSKIES!  No.  Strike that.  Although it would be funnier than hell.  We have to play Purdon't later this year, so we might as well root for them, right?  GO BOILERS!  No.  Wait.  Who cares?  GO HUSKIES!

Illinois is favored by 24.5 over Miami (OH).  Whatever.

Apparently, this is an official bye week in the Big Ten for half the current teams.  Penn State, Indiana, Michigan State, THEM, Northwestern, and Nebraska are all off this weekend.

Not to be left out, future members Maryland and Rutgers are off this week as well.  Strange things going on.  Has anyone seen College Football Gameday stocking up on black coffins and body bags too?

In Other Games:

Central Florida is a 7 point dog to South Carolina.  GO KNIGHTS!

Georgia is a 3 point fave over LSU.  GO BULLDOGS!

And on the Lighter Side:

I won't post a picture here, but you can check it out over here, if you want.
On a punt return during the Cardinals loss to New Orleans, the tip of Rashad Johnson’s left middle finger was lopped off when the safety tried to tackle running back Darren Sproles.

Afterwards, the 27-year-old went to the Arizona sideline and took off his glove. The tip of the finger was still inside the glove, according to, and Johnson continued to play.

Whoa!  Let's not put labels on people here. . .

He's a Zombie!

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