Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weekly Game Guide: The 400 Edition

Penn State is a 6 point favorite over the Northwestern Wildcats.  Can this team bring Paterno #400?  I believe they can.  GO STATE!

Around the Big Ten:

Iowa is a 17 point favorite over Indiana.  GO HOOSIERS!

THEM is a 3.5 point favorite over the Illini.  Although it would probably be more beneficial for us for the Illini to lose, I can't bring myself to root for THEM.  GO Illini!

The Badgers are 20 point favorites over Purdue.  Can the Boilers pull the upset?  I doubt it, but I'll be pulling for them anyway.

Michigan State is 24 point faves over the Gophers.  Can you "gopher" that?  Go Gophers!

The Buckeyes naturally have a week off before playing us.  Of course, that week off didn't help THEM that much.

In games featuring previous opponents:

Alabama is a 6.5 favorite over LSU.  ROLL TIDE!

Kent State is a 3.5 point underdog to Temple.  GO OWLS!

YSU plays Illinois State (NL).  The Penguins are 3-6.  Go Penguins!

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