Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lettermen Seek to Oust Suhey

A letter has been sent out to former PSU Lettermen urging them NOT to vote for Paul Suhey.

According to Onward State:
It’s likely that no candidate has been criticized more than Suhey, especially after his infamous line — The Board of Trustees didn’t fire Joe Paterno, it just “retired him three weeks early.” But today’s criticism hits especially close to home.
A letter released today signed by 11 former Penn State football lettermen — including Franco Harris, Todd Blackledge, Michael Robinson, and Lydell Mitchell — calls out Suhey specifically, and urges fellow lettermen to not vote for him in the upcoming Board of Trustees election.
“Actions speak louder than words and if Suhey disagreed with the actions the board was taking he had both an obligation and a duty to speak up and cast his vote accordingly. The fact that he failed to do so only underscores the point that he is not fit to serve on the board a day longer,” the letter states.

These past two elections have been hotly contested.  I can remember years when there was no advertising (probably most of them.)  If you didn't look at the ballot, you didn't even know who was running.  Even if you looked at the ballot, you probably didn't recognize any of the names.  Many years, I didn't even vote because I didn't know who to vote for (or against!)  I realize now that perhaps this is why we ended up with a Board full of corruption and ineptitude.  I'm sure there are many other alumni who have voted for the first time in these past two elections and perhaps only sporadically, if ever, prior to that.

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