Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Night Lights

Well that was fun.

With high school football over here in Hollidaysburg, PA, I accidentally tuned into the UConn-Pitt game on ESPN2.  Who would have thought there would be college football on TV on a Friday night?  But there it was, in all its glory.  Thank God for the Big Least!

Paul Pasqualoni (former Syracuse coach) is now at Connecticut.  He's still around. Literally.  If we played dead or alive, I'd have picked dead.  But it's still hard to tell for sure. 

As the announcers put UConn down--ranked 115th in offense in the country, the Huskies drove the opening kick off down the field for only their second opening score of the season.  They never looked back as they cruised to a 24-0 half time lead over the team that almost beat Notre Lame.  I guess the Irish really aren't that good, but then most folks outside of South Bend already knew that little tidbit of information.

But then it got better.  Pitt tried to come back in the second half, down 24-3 going into the fourth quarter.  It was like Charlie Brown expecting candy in his bag and finding only a rock.  The handful of Pitt fans actually thought their team was going to come back, but alas they fell shorter than Mitt Romney in their quest for success.

UConn did their best to let Pitt tie the game, throwing an INT in the end zone for a touchback when a field goal would have iced the game, and then handing the ball off when Pitt had no time outs left and all they really needed to do was take a knee.   It's like they were daring fate to step in and snatch defeat from victory.  But Pitt couldn't snatch anything.

UConn (4-6) will add this to their other list of impressive victories over UMass, Maryland, and Buffalo.

Pitt must now win their last two games against Rutgers and South Florida to qualify for a bowl.  Good luck with that.

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