Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pigskin Postgames: Bye Week Edition

Defenseless WVU plummets from the Top 10 after tanking at Texas Tech.  The Neers managed a paltry 14 points while giving up 49 to the Red Raiders.  Speaking of giving up, Pitt is 0-3 in their conference after being beaten 45-35 by an undefeated Louisville team. 

Oklahoma took Texas out behind the woodshed for a good old fashioned beating, 63-21.  That's going to leave a mark.

Alabama owns all the first place votes in both polls after beating Missouri 42-10 in a game delayed due to lightning.  Those 10 points include a kickoff return of 98 yards by Mizzou after the delay.

Texas A & M handed La Tech their first loss in another exciting exhibition of no defense football.  The final score:  59-57.  Can you imagine scoring 57 points . . . AND LOSING!?  Okay, it's pretty easy to imagine in the Big XII.

Hey!  Navy beat CMU 31-13!

Rutgers is undefeated, and nobody cares.  So is Ohio.  The Bobcats broke the AP Top 25.

Temple beat UConn 16-13 in OT.

The Irish may have won, but apparently Stanford lost as the replay couldn't even overcome the mystical aura of Notre Dame stadium.  Coach Kelley was quoted afterward saying, "Very good opponent in Stanford, but today Notre Dame was better."  He said that with a straight face.  On Saturday, Notre Dame wasn't the better team, but the referees were not the best either.

South Carolina came up short against LSU by two and failed to recover an on-sides kick that would have really made the night interesting.

In the Big Ten, the Buckeyes edged Indiana 52-49.  That's some fine defense right there by the Buckeyes.  Pizza Delivery guys beware.  Ixnay on the oopidstay efenseday!  There's going to be a serious jump in unemployment in Columbus if that crap keeps up. 

Denard Robinson pounded Illinois into a senseless pulp, 45-0.  The Greek Tragedy that is Michigan State's season continued, as Iowa slipped past Sparty 19-16 in double OT thanks to a tipped INT.  Northwestern beat Minnesota 21-13--nice rebound for Fitzgerald's crew.  Wisconsin found someone they could beat, as they guzzled some Boilermakers en route to a 38-14 victory.

Minnesota's coach Jerry Kill suffered another seizure following Saturday's loss to Northwestern.  He appears to be okay, but it is uncertain whether he will be able to coach next week against Wisconsin.  Prayers for Jerry Kill and his family.

And, a belated Rest In Peace to Beano Cook, who passed away this week.

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