Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Other Culture

While we have heard a lot about the "football culture" at Penn State and how this "caused" or "enabled" a sexual predator, what we haven't heard much about is the real culprit in this epidemic infection. . .

The Media Culture.

If you have the time, read Dr. Maglio's article about this unspoken culture:
The Board of Trustees, especially board member Pennsylvania Governor, Thomas Corbett, has an obvious and serious conflict of interest in this affair. There was no mention of Governor Corbett’s, then State Attorney Corbett, two-year investigation into Sandusky’s sexual abuse allegations that faded with no charges filed. There was no mention of Governor Corbett receiving $650,000 from the current and past board members of Sandusky’s Second Mile Foundation, his conflict with President Spanier over university funding, his being displeased with Joe Paterno for not endorsing him for governor and his direct and personal involvement with firing Mr. Paterno. These pertinent facts should have been examined and included in the report.

This dubious investigation into the reasons for Sandusky being able to roam at will on the Penn State campus had an agenda. It protected the hides of powerful and famous board members who made hasty, stupid decisions to shield themselves from any accountability in the prolonged charade by scapegoating a legend. The Freeh stamp of approval connecting Joe Paterno to the Sandusky cover–up was a proactive means of attempting to block

looking into any board involvement in this scandal. This was a disgraceful verbal public lynching of an American hero. Mr. Paterno’s statue was removed from PSU and his record of most wins for a major collegiate football team was unjustly stripped from the record books. The hideous piling on by the NCAA was a devastating punishment without a single violation of their stated rules.

Our media culture has been killing our heroes one by one.
And why do you ask?

Because tearing Joe Paterno down sells newspapers and ad space.  It's all for the money.  How noble is that?

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Anonymous said...

Can someone update me on what he NCAA plans to do the see that the 'culture' is changing. What data are they looking at now to determine the baseline and what are they going to review to see what changed? Who is the expert that is compiling and reporting on this.

Certainly it will not be something like graduation rates or the number of academic all americans (that is silly talk).

I have not seen what Dr.Emmert plans to do. It would also be interesting once we know what data ia going to be collected to compare that to all other big time FB and BB programs for comparison.