Friday, August 10, 2012

More Appealing

A group of former Penn State players and one coach (not named Paterno) have also entered an appeal to the NCAA.
A group of former Penn State football players is appealing the NCAA sanctions against the university, saying the association didn’t follow its own policies and denied the right of those affected to be heard. 

The appeal is the latest action taken by those involved with the university but unhappy with President Rodney Erickson’s decision to sign off on the NCAA sanctions. 

The former players filing the notice are: Michael Robinson, Anwar Phillips, Josh Gaines, Shamar Finney, Richard Gardner, Gerald Cadogan, Anthony Adams and Justin Kurpeikis. Bill Kenney, assistant coach from 1998 to 2011, is also party to the appeal.

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This is on the heels of appeals filed by the Paterno's and several board members.
Apparently, the board will meet Sunday to vote on whether Erickson had the authority to sign the consent decree.  I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that they will vote to support the consent decree. 
Because God forbid we actually support our students and athletes.  While the crimes committed against Sandusky's victims are heinous, it does not make sense to punish everyone for the failure of a few.  And while it could be argued that any NCAA sanction punishes innocent people for the sake of punishing the school, this situation is different because Penn State didn't violate a single NCAA rule!  If a school breaks the rules, then punishment is justified.
But unfortunately, the BOT has blinders on. They have bought into this philosophy that you can't support the victims AND the school at the same time.
That is like saying you can't support America if you disagree with the president.
Guess what Trustees?  You CAN support your University (which is YOUR job!) and still express remorse and disgust about what happened.  You can do it--yes you can!
But they won't.
Because it wouldn't be politically correct.

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Anonymous said...

"They have bought into this philosophy that you can't support the victims AND the school at the same time."

The victims are suing Penn State. How do you support both sides of a lawsuit?