Friday, June 1, 2012

Unfortunate Initials

Coach O'Brien played in the 16th Annual Coaches Vs. Cancer Golf Tournament today.  I hope he had a better game than I did this morning.

To make matters worse, I went to mark my ball on the green, and realized I had pulled an old ball marker out of my bag by accident.

No.  The JS does not stand for Jerry Sandusky--I swear!

Years ago, in the late 1990's. I operated at Jersey Shore Hospital in, um, Jersey Shore, PA.  I played in a charity tournament, where I got the ball marker.

Seriously, here is their logo:

I played in a charity tournament a few weeks ago and actually won a prize for the straightest drive.  I only hit one ball straight all day, and it was on that hole--only a couple of inches from the line they paint in the center of the fairway.  Every blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.

I won a set of 4 DVDs--Rip it 300 Yards by Ben Witter.

I haven't watched them yet.  I also haven't driven a ball 300 yards, although I came close today at hole #6 at Sylvan Hills.  I was inside the 100 yard marker after my drive--and I was still on the fairway.  But my short game sucks and I still ended up with a six.  As one of our foursome quipped, "anyone can screw up a bad drive."  It's really special to muck up a good one.

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