Friday, June 1, 2012

Survey Says . . .

According to multiple sources, including GoPSUsports, Coach O'Brien has tabbed Matt McGloin as his starting QB for this season.
O'Brien cited McGloin's consistency running the offense throughout spring practice as the driving force behind his decision to name the Scranton native the starter heading into the season.
"He (McGloin) was the most consistent guy throughout the spring," Coach O'Brien said. He has good command of the offense at this point. He's a tough kid. He's a competitive kid. He's shown good leadership qualities. I just felt like he is the No. 1 quarterback."

O'Brien added that it was very important to make the decision prior to training camp.

"When you go into training camp you have to make sure that one guy is getting the bulk of the reps," Coach O'Brien said. "You don't have time to give three guys equal reps. Also, in the summertime when the coaches aren't allowed to be around, you need to have leaders on both sides of the ball. Matt, being a quarterback, is a leader on the offensive side of the ball...Mostly, it's because you have to get one guy ready to play. You can't get three guys ready to play. And it's really hard to get two guys ready to play. So you have to have a starter, and then you go from there."

On the field, Coach O'Brien said that consistency in numerous areas pertinent to success at the quarterback position separated McGloin during the spring.
"His completion percentage, getting us in and out of the right plays, knowledge of the offense, being prepared in meetings, cutting down on his interceptions as spring ball went on," Coach O'Brien said. "He completed about 65 to 70 percent of his passes during the spring. He ran some of our situational stuff pretty well. He just did a very good job of being consistent."
When was the last time Penn State football fans heard their coach announce who the QB for the first game or the season was, before August . . . or September?  The reasons for doing so make sense--the primary guy gets the reps.  You know who your leader is.  Trying to get three (or more) guys ready is not practical.

Yet, there are those that can't shake the cock-sure attitude of McGloin or his penchant for throwing McSix Picks.

I personally had been leaning toward Jones, but that may have been wishful thinking.  The back-up QB always seems to be the most popular.  But if a man who can coach quarterbacks like Tom Brady thinks that McGloin was more knowledgeable about the offense and more prepared in meetings and had the better completion percentage on the field, then McGloin is my man too.

We don't know how close the battle was, nor do we know how far behind Bolden was, presumably, in third place.

Congratulations Matt!  Bring on the season!

What say you?  Are you Going with McGloin, or do you wish McGloin was going?

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